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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Assamualaikum n hello everyone...i just watching this anime n i like it so much..tapi kan teringin nak tengok versi japanese drama punya..until today still belum tengok lagi sbb malas mau downlaod..huhu...=(ada la sinopsisnya~



Takano Kyohei is a handsome but bad-tempered university student who is always ready for a fight; Toyama Yujinojo possesses a cuteness that can be mistaken for a girl; the cool-headed Oda Takenaga excels in academics and sports; and the princely Mori Ranmaru loves females, accept a proposal from the female owner of the house where they are lodging at for “free lodging if they are able to transform her niece into a proper lady”. Her niece, Nakahara Sunako lives in a gloomy and solitary world because of an inferior complex about her looks.



Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

owh ad Kame ;D
nk tgk gak larh

kiwi said...

mcm best je..lps exm bleyh tgk ni..hihi

a n a s t a s y e a said...

akak tak berapa sangat minat cite2 mcm nie. Tapi kalau tak ada cite .. layan jugak =)